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Act with the Polish Medical Mission!

Here you can actively deliver humanitarian aid all around the world. Become chief assistant to our doctors, nurses and rescuers! Your help will allow them to get wherever they’re needed the most!

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Fighting hunger

Malnutrition is the main health problem in Senegal and Etiopia. Particularly vulnerable are children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. General poverty is a primary cause for diseases and the mortality rate within the population of this country. Factors such as high illiteracy, drinking water shortage, lack of healthcare, bad eating habits and unhygienic conditions increase the risk of malnutrition.

You have the power

Want to support humanitarian aid? Looking for a cause right for you? We’re glad you found us. Every event you organize can serve a Mission! Thanks to your help our medical professionals will be able to reach people that need us the most.

See how your support helps in the Mission

You create hospitals

Your donations fund medical facilities and mobile clinics that can more easily reach isolated areas.

You help doctors

We can provide necessary equipment and sanitary products to medical professionals on every continent.

You save lives

We can swiftly provide food and life-saving supplies for those suffering from hunger, cold or epidemics.

You train locals

Your donations fund training medical staff by Polish professionals in order to develop local health infrastructure.

Ongoing fundraisers

A friend to those in need is a friend indeed

Start a fundraiser – complete Your Mission

Choose what cause you’d like to support, explain why it’s important to you and invite your friends to participate – together you can do more.

Support other Missions – make a donation

See the list of ongoing fundraisers and choose a cause that is important to you. Contribute and share it with your friends – together we can do more.

Create an event serving a Mission

Celebrate with a Mission

A private event can help a family find a cause to share. Involve your close ones in the fundraiser. Together help a cause that is important to you.

Unite in a Mission

Local communities appreciate unique opportunities. Try to figure out how to find a cause for you and your neighbors to share.

Take on a Mission

Are you looking for some kind of motivation? You can improve the life of people around the world at the same time.

Engage with a Mission

Your brand wants to be socially involved? Choose something to work towards and invite your clients, co-workers and associates to participate.

SOS Ukraine

Your funds will assure the constant delivery of medical assistance to Ukraine. We send transports with equipment and supplies directly to local hospitals. We answer the specific needs communicated by the personnel. We are also active in Poland, providing integration space for the refugees.

Together with us provide assistance wherever it’s needed most

Help in crisis

You ensure that the PMM Vasco Emergency Team can efficiently intervene in various parts of the world.

Primary care

We care about the health of families on all continents. We provide assistance to people from isolated areas.

Fighting hunger

Our experts are educating mothers how to balance their families’ diet using local ingredients.

Child prosthetics

Funds You raise will allow us to design and create individualized prosthetics for female and child amputees.