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Get inspired, choose a cause, start a fundraiser

We provide you with tools to involve your friends, family and local communities in a Mission you choose. Find one that is most important to you. Learn more about managing a fundraiser.

Get ready for the Mission

Do you know that using your potential is enough to improve the lives of thousands of people? Even a private event can serve a Mission. Starting and managing a fundraiser is easy – see for yourself! Below you’ll find a couple of pointers.

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Start up the Mission

Choose how it looks

Creativity, just like medical help, knows no bounds. We can only suggest that there are times when it’s good to have a Mission.

Choose a cause

It’s up to you what the funds will be for. Share with us the cause that moves you the most.

Start a fundraiser and invite your friends

It’s just a couple of simple steps. Write about personal motivation or use one of the pre-written descriptions.

Promote your Mission

We prepared a guide that will help you incorporate the Mission into your event. See the attachment.

Weddings, promotions or birthdays?

If you plan on celebrating an important occasion, use it for good. Your guests will surely follow, if you invite them to join the Mission. Actually changing the lives of people in need in Senegal, Syria or Venezuela is better than a gift.

Concerts, matches or online events?

Feel confident enough to organize an event yourself? Invite your socially involved friends to participate. Use your hobby to get the attention of people from your community. Start a fundraiser on our platform and easily raise funds for places suffering from crises.

Start a fundraiser

There are only a few simple steps! Let the people know why the cause is important to you and how together you can change the situation in a particular area.

Increase visibility

Even if you’re planning something private, the fundraiser should be made available to your guests. Depending on the scale, it’s worth considering informing local press or creating a Facebook event.

Incorporate the Mission

Regularly inform everyone about the results. If you have a profile – share the progress: how the organization or a sports challenge is going.

Present the achievements

Make sure you end the fundraiser on a positive note. Inform about the reached tier and thank everyone for completing the Mission!

Running long-distance or bungee jumping?

Looking for something to motivate you to face new challenges? Involve your audience in humanitarian aid while simultaneously realizing your goal. You can work alone or run in a peloton – whichever you prefer. When you’re on a Mission, everything becomes possible!

Working on brand’s image or employee engagement?

You run a company and want to somehow incorporate the Mission? Or maybe stimulate your team? Crowdfunding is a tool for you! It boosts your co-workers and clients’ engagement. Make your fundraiser eligible to business partners using info on our site. Join the Mission – show the world that your brand is socially involved!

Find a cause

Start a fundraiser on our platform and make the first donation.

Encourage others

Inform your business partners and co-workers about the cause, inviting them to participate.

Pay attention to details

While raising funds change your email footer – add a slogan that encourages others to make a donation with a link attached.

Present the result

Inform about the success all the contributors, thanking them for their role in completing the Mission!

SOS Ukraine

Your funds will assure the constant delivery of medical assistance to Ukraine. We send transports with equipment and supplies directly to local hospitals. We answer the specific needs communicated by the personnel.

Choose your Mission

Help in crisis

You help rescue and medical Vasco Emergency Team efficiently intervene in various parts of the world.

Mother and child

We provide prenatal, primary and dental care to the people from the poorest countries.

Fighting hunger

Our experts provide pregnant women and children with necessary therapeutic food while educating on the importance of a well-balanced diet.

Prosthetics for women and children

Your funds will help in designing and creating individualized prosthetics for i.e. Syrian war amputees.