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We support doctors from around the world

For more than 20 years we have provided medical assistance to those in need around the world. We managed to reach about a million people in 30 countries on five continents. Our missions promote long-term positive change – by providing equipment and developing local health infrastructure through training medical personnel and communities.

Supporting the Mission You help wherever it’s needed the most

Professional healthcare

We assure that the communities in crisis have proper access to primary care and specialized medical services.

Medical care for refugees

We provide medical assistance to those forced to escape – also in self-settled camps.

Swift crisis intervention

We provide medical assistance to victims of sudden-onset natural hazards and human-induced disasters – building PMM Vasco Emergency Team.

Improved quality of life

We want to promote long-term changes in communities requiring our assistance.

Meet our medical professionals

Support their hard work


Sana has been working with us for nearly four years. In the refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan, she carries out one of the many essential elements of humanitarian aid - providing dental care to refugees.


Renata has carried out missions in Uganda and Myanmar on several occasions, where she has worked as a general surgery specialist. She is currently contributing to our PMM Vasco Emergency Team as a medical coordinator.


We worked with Beata on missions in Jordan and Tanzania, where she supported the team with her experience in gynaecology and obstetrics. Beata's day-to-day work includes working at the MSWiA hospital in Bydgoszcz.


She works on a daily basis for Humanity and Inclusion in Bogotá, our Colombian partner. Her sense of responsibility and empathy are particularly important when working with people who do not have access to health services. As a gynaecologist, she already has five years of experience caring for migrants.


I am Marina, from the first days of the war I worked and provided emergency medical aid to the population of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region. Currently, I work as a doctor of a mobile clinic on the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region.


My name is Mykyta, I work as a nurse in an emergency medical center. Currently, I am a medical fellow in the "Polish Medical mission" mobile clinic, providing medical assistance in the deoccupied territories. People who live in villages have limited opportunities to receive quality help, which is why I am here to help them.


Dr Sarmiento Sánchez specialises in obstetric gynaecology and carries out our mission in Venezuela, where she has been assisting women who come to the hospital in Rubio for six years.


His commitment and empathetic dedication to saving the lives of mothers and newborns is his priority. Despite the challenges and difficulties he encounters in his midwifery career, Alex always puts serving women and their babies first.

How we carry out the Mission

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We map

We identify the needs of the communities in crisis and form relationships with local partners.

We fund

We organize fundraisers to help people from chosen regions and complete primary project objectives.

We provide

We supply medical facilities with vital equipment, medications and vaccines. Offer training courses.

We supervise

Our help is long-lasting. Local personnel gain knowledge and keep all the necessary equipment.

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